Our covid-19 response

Bayside Family Church and friends,


In light of the Covid-19 crisis, we have arrived at the difficult decision to temporarily close our doors for all gatherings. This decision is not made out of fear or panic. We want to support and honor our health care system who have asked for help. We have been informed that, in the short term, if we pause our gatherings, this could potentially assist our hospitals and health care providers in the handling of any potential Covid-19 crisis. To be a supportive member of our community, we willingly comply with this request. Our response is voluntary. It has not been mandated at this time. We will keep actively monitoring the situation.

In the meantime, we as a church want to be a light of Jesus Christ in our community. This light is not dependent upon our gathering in the sanctuary. God’s power is for the home, the street, not only the church building. If you know of individuals who legitimately require assistance, please contact us. If you need assistance, please make this known to us. We are mobilized and ready to serve. We will do our best to keep you informed and to serve you. If we do not have your current email, cell, and other contact information, please make sure you update the office by phone or email. We are putting together creative ways to encourage you through these bizarre times, but we will need to know how to contact you.

God bless.


Pastor Len and the leadership team of Bayside Family Church.